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Top 20 Applebee’s Memes on the internet!

About Applebee’s The 1980-founded American restaurant chain Applebee’s (sometimes referred to as Crapplebee’s in comedy) specializes on classic American fare such hamburgers, steak, spaghetti, and a delicacy they term “riblets.” Online, especially by shitposters, Applebee’s is frequently used as a stand-in for the shoddy nature of popular American cuisine and culture. History Applebee’s meme Bill …

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salt rifle meme

A Salt Rifle Meme

The most popular A Salt Rifle Meme. Granular table salt is used as a non-toxic projectile by the Bug-A-Salt gadget to kill insects. Up to 80 salt discharges from the plastic pistol, which creates a conical spread pattern like to a shotgun blast, can be released at once. Lorenzo Maggiore developed Bug-A-Salt, which was patented …

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